Organic Potato Farming: How to plant store-bought potatoes using chicken manure only, no fertilizer


In this video we will learn how to grow store-bought potatoes organically using chicken manure as fertilizer. We will learn the basics of land preparation for potato farming, the spacing of the plants and how deep the trenches or holes where we will plant the potato seeds should be.

The video also explains how much animal manure you should put in the hole before planting the potato seeds, in this case we will be using chicken manure, but you can use almost any animal manure such as rabbit droppings, duck manure, cow dung, horse manure, pig manure and goat manure, etc, all can be used in place of chicken manure.

It's best to wait until the potatoes have started shooting before planting them, because if you plant them too early, some will get rot before germinating.