Harvesting backyard potatoes: How much potatoes do I get per plant?


Want to grow potatoes at home and before you plant them you want to know if growing potatoes at home is worth it or you want to know how much potatoes to expect per plant when you grow your own potatoes at home?

In this video we will see how much potatoes a farmer or gardener can get per single potato plant if they grow store-bought potatoes and use organic manure only to grow the potatoes.

Exactly 4 months ago, or 120 days ago, I planted some store-bought potatoes in my backyard. The pocket had about 84 potatoes and I planted all of them.

The potatoes were exclusively grown using chicken manure and nothing else. I will not say it was pure organic farming because I used chemicals like belt and lambda to get rid of pests like leaf miners which destroy the potato leaves and white grubs which feast on the potatoes underground. However, no chemical fertilizers were used throughout the potato farming process.

I have already published a video showing how I planted these potatoes and you can click on this link to watch that video.

Now the potatoes are ready for harvest. Some of the leaves on some potato plants have begun drying up, the soil has already started cracking – a sign to show that potatoes are growing bigger and bigger underground. So today I will harvest just one plant to show you how much potatoes I get per plant after using animal manure only to grow potatoes in my backyard.

Although most of the plants still have about 2 weeks before the potato plants completely die, I just thought I should start harvesting now and share with you the harvesting process and the yield per plant to expect if you grow your potatoes the way I do it. Let's get started. We will need a bucket to carry the potatoes, a garden fork to dig the potatoes and a scale to weigh the potatoes.

WOW! 5KGs of potatoes per plant. That's about 11 pounds per plant, very impressive. Although there are a few small potatoes, however, over 85% of the harvest is medium to large potatoes, that are perfect for fresh chips, also known in other countries as fries. The small potatoes are still useful, they can be used as next season's potato seed or they can be cooked as mashed potato, since they are very few peeling them is not a big deal. For those who love juvenile potatoes with tender flesh and a sweeter flavour, these small potatoes are ideal for recipes that require small potato tubers.

Now lets take two of the biggest potatoes to a kitchen scale and see how much they are weighing.

So there you have it guys, if you grow your potatoes exceptionally well in your backyard, using my recommended method, you can harvest as much as 5kg or 11 pounds per plant!

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