Muscovy duck growth stages: Watch muscovies growing up daily for 2 months!


How fast do muscovy ducks grow? This video will answer that question by showing you day by day video clips of Muscovy duck growth stages from day 1 when they are hatched until day 60 when they reach slaughter stage. So if you want to breed muscovy ducks for meat, then consider watching this video and see the good muscovy duck growth rate.

You will see the muscovy ducklings eating fermented feed and weeds as their main feed which will help them grow fast in just 2 months.

Muscovy ducks are a type of waterfowl native to Mexico and parts of South America and were one of the earliest water birds to be domesticated. Their dark, glossy feathers have a beautiful green tinge in sunlight and they have distinctive red, warty-looking bumps around their faces and beaks. These are called caruncles and they help to keep the ducks’ faces clean when they poke around in the mud.

Muscovies lay up to 4 clutches of eggs per year, and are superb mothers and brooders. They will protect the young from predators even if it means their own life in order for the young to escape. Keep as a pair or 1 male to 3 females.